CPV & CSP Disruptive Technologies

csp disruptive technology webinar

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Workshop Time: 2 Hours 

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Session Overview

We will learn about the pros and cons of using various CSP technologies. We will take an in depth look at thermal storage systems, CPV Fresnel lens VS Dense-array technology, and more.

Some exciting technologies are currently being used for generating electricity and hydrogen as well solar desalination with solar concentrators.


  • CSP Overview
    • Solar Tower
    • Parabolic Trough
    • Parabolic Dish
    • Pros & Cons
  • Storage Systems
    • Types of Storage
    • Pros & Cons
  • CPV Technology Overview
    • CPV Fresnel
    • CPV Dense Array Technology
    • CPVT – CPV + Thermal
    • CPV vs PV Panels
  • Disruptive Technology Applications
    • Electricity Production
    • Hydrogen Production
    • High-Temperature Receiver
    • Water Purification & Desalination

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