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Learn how to build this disruptive technology

Since 2010 Solartron Energy Systems Inc. has achieved the first ever globally certified thermal 4.5 meter dish (2011), increased efficiency with the 7.5 meter dish (2013), and now in 2016 set the record for the most affordable utility-scale hybrid solar concentrator system the SolarBeam 9M.

Solartron has a proven track record and has deployed over 60 systems world wide and sells its technology under license for solar power plant use.

Industrial Thermal Processes
Learn how you can sell the solar concentrator to industries looking to get zero emission

Hydrogen Production
Learn how to make hydrogen and how to get grants for this innovative technology

Stirling Engine
Learn how to make electricity using thermal power from the solar concentrator with zero emission.

CPV Module 
Learn how innovative CPV modules can create electricity at 2000 x radiation

Enhanced Oil Recovery
Learn how the solar concentrator integrates with existing enhanced oil recovery plants by providing the 400 degees heat.

Water/ Desalination Purification
Learn  how the solar concentrator can be used for reverse osmosis desalination plants  and increase production efficiency (membrane capacity) of 30%.

We are Different

Get 10 years know-how in 2 hours

With over 10 years of experience, the team at SolarTron was able to revolutionize the concentrated parabolic market with their 4.5 meter dish.

After years of testing different materials and getting grant and investment money, they were able to build a robust parabolic dish that cost less than $8,000 to manufacture.

Our 2-hour workshop will share in-house secrets so that you can get your own company started with either investment or grant money. At present, there is 39.5 million in USA and over 100 million grant money in Europe available for innovative green energy projects.

We will help you get started in this exciting new field that is full of potential. 

Meet Your Instructor

Edward Herniak

Chief Designer

Edward has over 20 years’ experience in the renewable energy sector and was the lead designer responsible for the solar tracking system & solar reflector dish design.

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