Build a Solar Power Plant for Electricity & Hydrogen Production

Book an online workshop with Edward Herniak, founder and lead engineer of the Solartron Solar Concentrator. Learn what is required to build a concentrated solar power plant.

Over 10 years in R&D know-how in development, manufacturing, and integration to help you master the in-demand skills to develop and manufacture solar disruptive technologies for hydrogen & electricity production.

Technology Used by:

Solar Concentrator Development & Manufacturing  License Available

Interested in developing a Solar Power Plant for electricity or hydrogen production? Solar concentrator R&D and third-party integrations take time and large capital investment.

Take advantage of our licensed technology that gives you access to over 10 years of know-how which includes blueprints, schematics, certifications, software tracking, costing, manufacturing know-how.

Download The Solar Concentrator Installation Guide

What Does This Workshop Include?

This 2-hour workshop, hosted via Zoom, is customized to answer your questions and give you thorough understanding of  the Solar Concentrator technology.

In this one-on-one workshop, we will guide you on what to consider when building your own Solar Power Plant for Hydrogen Generation or Electricity Production. 

Disruptive Technology
Development Cost
Manufacturing Process
Installation Applications
How to Get 
CPV/CSP Marketing

Gain The Skills in CPV / CSP / Hydrogen Production to Create a Solar Power Plant & Take Advantage of Solar Funding

$39.5 Million Funding in USA


The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) announced funding of  $39.5 million for projects that will advance solar PV, CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) & CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) research and development (R&D).

Join the seminar and gain the skills to apply for funding.

100 Million Euros Funding in Europe


The Innovation Fund will provide  100 Million Euros for the commercial demonstration of innovative low-carbon technologies, aiming to bring to the market industrial solutions to decarbonise Europe and support its transition to climate neutrality using  innovative renewable energy generation.

Meet The Founder

Edward Herniak

Edward has over 20 years experience in the renewable energy sector. He was the lead designer responsible for the solar tracking system & solar reflector dish design.


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Get Our Solar Concentrator Installation Guide
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